Top 5 of 2013 misses – or how I learn to grow from the missteps taken?


Now that 2013 has concluded it is time to join the bandwagon lead by Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow – it has been great to read the hits and misses that appear on my feed each day.  It is pleasing reminder that we are not all perfect and the sewing gods do not smile on every me-make project.  When the occurrence of the sewing hit occurs – we need to savor it!

As these makes are all pre-blog existence I will not bore you will lots of the text and no photos – so I’ll try and keep it brief.

The top 5 misses (umm, not quite five but I choose to not dwell on the negatives) that I select to learn from:

Some fabrics are evil

Yes, evil.  I have been trying to extend my fabric repertoire away from cotton / cotton blend which lead me to try polyester.  POLYESTER, oh you horrible horrible thing.  During construction there are pucked seams and inability to press.  To wear its just gross – in polyester’s defence I do live in Brisbane its hot and humid for the most of the year.  But wearing a polyester maxi dress really does feel like I am walking around in cling wrap all day – a hot and sweaty mess.

Choice a fabric that matches the wear of the item

So, silk is pretty awesome (as I will discuss late) but not as pants.  I thought I being clever making up a light red silk twill as Sandra Betzina’s V1307 to wear for long haul flights.  But during the first leg of a 20 hour flight I noticed the fabric had worn through one side seam.  The deteroiation of the pants continued until the final flight home where I was now wearing loose tshirts down to my mid thigh to hide all the worn through areas of the pants.  The pants were comfort to wear but I didn’t consider whether the silk fabric would strong enough to stand up to what I intended for the make.

Always check measurements for ‘new to me’ patterns.

Some patterns just don’t suit me and when they are questionable I really should do a test first or at least check the flat measurements on the pattern.  I love using Grainline patterns (again I will discuss further) but the Tiny Pocket Tank just didn’t work.  I was pushed for time so I went head first in and cut out my shell fabric without checking beforehand.  I noticed that the fabric was a little sheer so being the good little sewist I underlined and well since it was underlined I may as well go the whole hog and hand stitch the bindings to underline and hand roll the hem.  WRONG.  I went to all this effort to then try the top and err WAIT, WHAT, oh REALLY?!? Never worn again! URGH what was I thinking, why didn’t I check the fit beforehand.  Its just two pattern pieces for crying aloud.  Why didn’t I check during construction!

The concept of ‘wearing ease”

I have a horrible habit of overestimating my own wearing ease.  For example, my attempt of Cake’s Hummingbird skirt.  The instructions even have a mid construction fit check as a prompt.  Well, I failed – despite taking in the skirt during the mid construction check step the finished skirt was swimming on me.  With certain, I remember at the time thinking “sure that fits but I still need some room to walk in”. The waistband sits on my hips and I have constant feeling that one strong downward tug and whole ship blows over. The finished skirt probably got two wears before it was relegated to the back of the drawers. SIGH

So here’s to 2014 – Let’s hope I have the good sense to learn from my misses!

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