Maritime Duck


The summer of shorts continue with the Maritime Shorts from Grainline Studio.  I am definitely enjoying the increased presence of shorts in my wardrobe and we are only two shorts in which I am honestly a little surprised by.


PatternMaritime Shorts by Grainline
Size: 12
Alterations: Nothing
Fabric: Duck cloth from Spotlight


I cut out a size 12 with no alterations.  Generally Grainline patterns fit so well I dont need adjustments but I discovering that shorts/pants are a whole different ball game.  Overall I am pretty happy with the fit though I can definitely notice some issues.  I think I need to investigate the crotch length.  As the shorts ‘wear in’ I definitely felt that there is excess fabric – but maybe I am wearing the shorts too low? (as the length in these pics look fine).


The fabric is a duck cloth from Spotlight – but for all accounts it is basically a med weight printed calico/muslim.  Pocket lining was a light cotton batiste for the fabric stash, but potentially a little too light weight.  This me-made was the first completed project on Singer 99K31 I got myself for Christmas and it handled the fabric like butter once I got the tension behaving.  The topstitching went really well – though I am still not used to the speed machine goes at! yikes, no precision projects for this machine yet.


Some mean pattern matching was involved.  Both back pockets perfectly match and are really only noticeable due to the topstitching.  Side seams, pocket facings and back seams are a good match – the waistband was no chance.


The shorts have the usual front fly opening, while I have only previously completed two front fly opening before quite successfully. I somehow ended up with one side of the zipper tape exposed.  I just couldn’t work out the turning under one side bit in the instruction.  But surprisingly the exposed zipper works.  The zipper is a good colour match for the fabric and when the fly is done up – the exposed zipper tape is not showing.

Excluding my fly front confusion – everything else went together like a breeze.  Jen’s instructions are detailed and clear with just enough illustrations to clear up any confusion.


Some things to note for next time –  the duck cloth may not the best choice for shorts.  As again, a couple of wears in and the fabric around the inner leg is starting to pill but I am beginning to think that this is the nature of shorts .  I think I would prefer a bigger hem next time – a more substantial hem I think would suit the heavy weight fabric better.  And well obviously as endearing the ‘exposed’ zip may be to some, I really do quite dislike it so next time I need to remedy this front fly insertion method. Oh well, until next time.

Next up for the Summer of Shorts – Pattern Runway Scalloped Hem Shorts

2 thoughts on “Maritime Duck

  1. Hey, I like these! Great pattern and very cool fabric! I have made a lined tote bag out of canvas duck and have much more of it in the stash and really didn’t know what to make of it. It is such a sturdy fabric, I wasn’t sure that it would work with any kind of garment. But, now I see it does! I think it may be the nature of shorts that make it pill, however, as I’ve had my tote for a year and no pilling at all. Fading and wrinkling yes. I wonder if this kind of fabric would work for a skirt? You wouldn’t have the ‘rubbing’ and pilling, but would it be too thick and immoveable? Still not sure.

    • Thank you. A tote bag in duck cloth would work great. I have been thinking about what else I can use duck cloth with (as the prints at my local Spotlight at the moment are so cute). I am curious to see whether the short soften a bit after a couple more washes. Maybe a simple A-line skirt could work, even maybe a jeans jacket like the Islander Sewing system Jacket pattern or one of those children’s teepee things 😛

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