Scalloped Pique


My challenge to fill my lack of separates is progressing with more shorts – now we have the Scalloped Hem Shorts by Pattern Runway


Pattern: Scalloped Hem Shorts by Pattern Runway
Size: L
Alterations: Nothing
Fabric: Cotton Pique from Spotlight

side front


Another pdf download for this pattern but thankfully putting the pattern didn’t take too long – a great benefit of a short patterns is for sure the smaller pattern pieces but this has certainly been the most complex pattern for my Summer of Shorts adventures.  We have welt back pockets, side pockets and hem bands.

The fabric is interesting – a great find at my local Spotlight.  Spotlight is by far the most convenient fabric supply store for me but wow I really wish there wasn’t so much polyester rubbish to wade through to.  Cotton pique has a kind of stripe/rib woven into it and wears in really nicely – like a heavier weight linen.  I checked out Clair Shaeffer’s Fabric Sewing Guide and Sandra Betzina’s Fabric Savvy to ensure no funny business was required – but all good pretty much treat as your usual cotton.

Back welt pocket

We have my first successful attempt at welt pockets – not too bad if I do say.  I did have a false start though for the first welt attempt.  You may notice the back welts are only on one side of the pocket, well I ended up with one welt being upside down.  I didn’t have any spare yardage (which is a benefit of Pattern Runway – suggested yardage is always on the mark with no waste) – so a quick dash back to Spotlight for a little bit extra to recut another back piece.

Close up front

I also had a double take on the side pocket facings but I got there in the end and it provides a neat finish. Oh and the bagging of the back pockets got me confused but I again fuddled my way through – I have working back pockets so no complaints.

Close back

I cut out a size L with no alterations.  I did consider adjustments based on reading Nancy Ziemans Pattern Fitting with confidence but the crotch length which is actually provided in the pattern instructions was on the money so I continued on without any alterations.  Overall I am very happy with the fit (but I think its time to start getting these shorts patterns to fit better)

Hem and hem band

The hi/lo hem line is sweet and pique just loves to be top stitched.  For the first time ever, the method of machine stitching the waistband facing by ‘stitching in the ditch’ worked nicely.  I  used the blind hem foot that came with my Brother sewing machine to stay within the ‘ditch’ – it may not be completely hidden in the waistband seam ‘ditch’ but it is very neat and looks good from front and inside.

WS front pocket

WS back pocket

Some things to note for next time – As sweet as welt pockets look are they really worth the effort??  They do break the space across your back.  Oh well, maybe they will grow on me. 

Next up for the Summer of Shorts – Sewaholic Thurlow (off to now get serious about fit)

3 thoughts on “Scalloped Pique

  1. I’ve made these recently – and got completely confused about the back pocket linings so just tossed the instructions aside & continued on my merry way!
    Really like this fabric – I’ll have to check my local (after the renovations finish!)

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