Sewing Dolly Clackett


Dolly Clackett (aka. Roisin) is getting married, and it’s time to celebrate with sewing!  A scheme to celebrate all things Dolly Clackett had been dreamt up by Sarah from Rhinestones and Telephones.


Roisin is the queen of  dresses, amazing shoes, and novelty prints – and here is my contribution towards #sewdollyclacket with a little bit of Brisbane influence.

Pattern: Elisalex Dress from By Hand London
Size: UK10/US14
Alterations: No adjustments
Fabric: Alexander Henry home decor fabric from Voodoo Rabbit (cotton voile lining from Lincraft)

For the Sew Dolly Clackett challenge I thought I would finally try a By Hand London pattern that I have been slow to join the bandwagon of – Elisalex.  And well I get it now,  apologies for the delay.


The bodice is sublime while I am still a little out with the jury on the skirt.  The fit on the bodice is quite awesome for straight out of the envelope.  There is a little gaping around the armsyce but I suspect would be less noticeable when sleeves are added and certainly nothing that my Coppelia wrap cannot hide.


The fabric is a home decor weight from Alexander Henry Fashion for Home range called Frida’s Garden Tea.  While Brisbane is a little sparse for eclectic novelty print collections but Voodoo Rabbit come through for me.  They even have their own collection on Spoonflower.  The home decor weight may be a little too heavy for the skirt, especially since I kept most of the length despite clearly being longer on me than the pattern intended.   The pegged skirt is a little too wiggle for my liking, so if I keep the length next time I’ll add a back vent.

20140406_141943 20140406_141949

The fabric called for some mean pattern placement and matching!  I think I was pretty successful with it.  There is only one decapitated Frida but her body is actually hiding amongst in the skirt pleats.  I was really pleased with print matching on the bodice with those the princess seams.  The print is kinda too obvious to completely ignore trying to match up.  Not really over the moon with the skirt back with an odd double image thing going on but I’ll never see the back when I am wearing the dress – so pfft. Though the side seams on the skirt I am pleased with.  I guess I spent too much time concentrating on the side seams to consider how the centre backs would finish up.

Bodice seamSkirt side seam


The insidey bits – the bodice is fully lined with a cotton voile that adds a lovely finish and oh so comfortable for Brisbane weather.   A bit of hand sewing to finish off the bodice lining  and the hem.  Thankfully the fabric was surprisingly forgiving  to hem up!

Back bodice inside  Hem inside

No invisible zipper for the back as I was a little wary of the amount of bulk by using such a heavy fabric.  Instead, a standard zipper.  A nice match at back waistline for the zipper but a shame the top edge is not as close as it could be, though who is standing that close to me to notice.

Zipper seam

I definitely hope to see more this Elisalex bodice – with just a couple of adjustments I feel it can become a tried and true pattern.  Just as it already has for so many others in the sewing community.

Back to the Sew Dolly Clackett celebrations – I wish Roisin and Nic all the best for their special day and may the Prosecco flow!

(oh yes. Pics are taken at my front door.  I considered trying to find a house with a green front door to be more true to Roisin’s style but I thought taking photos outside a stranger’s front door that may not end well)


4 thoughts on “Sewing Dolly Clackett

  1. Wow, I LOVE this fabric! And, the tulip skirt is so fresh and modern, looks great on you. Fabulous pattern matching as well. Looks like a LOT of pattern to match too!

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