My #makenine2017 projects

Each year in January I am inspired by Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow and her Sewing Top 5 of previous year.  While I haven’t previously blogged about them alot I do sit down each year (usually over the Christmas/New Year break) and jot them down.

The hits are usually easy – they are the makes that I reach for each week or the ones that I smile a little for when thinking about as I am so proud of the end product or the work involved to complete it.

The misses can tend to be harder to quantify.  More so this year than previous years the misses are when I sew something to a predetermined image in my head that in reality the fabric or the pattern is not a fit for – I want to be more ‘fabric savvy’.  It also makes me wonder whether I am fabric first or pattern first sewer which brings me to my goals for 2017.

The main resolution is to ‘sew the stash’ – yeah I know, not particularly original.  I am honestly a little embarrassed by the amount of fabric I have stashed and the number of patterns that sit unused.  The best goals are measurable ones, so instead of saying ‘sew the stash’ I will be specific and identify the patterns and fabric that will be used.  All are projects that I have the pattern and fabric for with two exceptions.  NB Some of these are already in progress but I refuse to let them continue to be unfinished projects

  1. Style Arc Stella Coat with a green plaid coating from The Fabric Store purchased during a Brisbane Spoolettes catchup
  2. Alabama Chanin factory dress using one of their DIY kits from our US trip last year
  3. Fehr Trade Surf to Summit top using supplex purchased during our US trip last year
  4. Grainline Alder with fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics during our 2015 Christmas trip to Melbourne
  5. Papercut Rigel Bomber with Liberty fleece from The Fabric Store
  6. Named Olivia wrap dress using Tory Burch knit from The Fabric Store
  7. Thread Theory Fairfield  button upwith cotton shirting from Cleggs also from a Melbourne trip

and my two exceptions [with one huge bucket list item for me]

  1. Susan Khalje couture skirt workshop
  2. Cashmerette Turner dress


In the list I think I have some quick wins that will hopefully get the momentum going.

Wish me luck and hopefully I will begin to see the floor of the sewing room as I clear out the mess!


6 thoughts on “My #makenine2017 projects

  1. Looking forward to seeing these creations. I have so many fabrics and patterns matched up together, but I have the sewing guilts – feel like there are a million other things I should be doing instead. I did make a quick bodice muslin last night and I was quite ‘meh’ about it (insert groany face emoji here ;o)

  2. This looks like an ambitious list, but I have tackled a big job, too. I have been emptying my large storage cupboards before I start my 2017 sewing. I am going to let go of a sizable stash of quilting fabrics and books now that I have learned I am not a quilter, and definitely enjoy garment sewing much more. I was sidetracked for a couple years with health issues, but kept buying fabrics and patterns, anyway. I am amazed how many sewing projects I have lined up! I’m glad I at least packed each project in its own clear plastic pouch, keeping needed fabric, notions, and pattern all together, because the rest of my sewing and crafting stash is a shambles. Now I can’t wait to finish the reorganization and get busy sewing.

    Here’s hoping we both get through our list this year.


    • Wow Pat – your clean up sounds epic. It is amazing how much difference getting organised and removing the clutter will clear your mind set. I hope it goes well and you start making progress on your 2017 projects soon

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