#makenine2017 progress update


While this is my first ‘documented’ completed item for this year’s #makenine – trust me that I have made better progress than one item (thankfully).  Two others are completed, two more are in progress and one is soon to be cut out.  But lets start at the start and begin with my first completed item for #makenine2017 – the Named Olivia Wrap Dress

This is my second Olivia wrap dress – my first I made last year with a poly blend knit from Clear It Fabrics in Melbourne and it is very well loved; one of favourite makes of last year.  Lots of compliments when I wear it, easy to wear, work appropriate but still not dull old corporate work.  A second version was definitely going to happen!

The dress is a classic knit wrap dress with a slight tulip skirt.  The high neck wrap, the below the knee skirt length and long sleeves met all the requirements of corporate work world attire.    With some side seam pockets for the public transport pass, mobile phone, lip gloss and business cards the dress is perfect for networking events without the hassle of juggling a hand bag, a drink, nibbles and hand shake with two hands. Oh the joy of awkward small talk with strangers…anyway back to the matter at hand.


For this make of the Olivia I used my usual 42 size with Named however after the first dress I added a sloped shoulder adjustment as fabric tended to gather as diagonal folds between my shoulder and armscye.  But to no avail – the fabric pooling around my shoulders is actually worst in this version so I was back to researching what the problem may be, it does not show in the photos but as a day progresses my shoulders must slouch more forward.  After scouring my The Perfect Fit book, I think I have an idea to test out next – a narrow neckline (complete with a caption of “looks at first like a shoulder fitting problem”).  This makes sense as the neckline is high at the back and shoulder. So I see a third Olivia in my future! What a shame…

The fabric is a Tory Burch fabric that I purchased from The Fabric Store – a rayon jersey crepe that is so drapey and soft that I am secretly wearing pyjamas to work!!  I was also curious how the fabric was used in the Tory Burch collection and I found this so I feel I did justice to the fabric (to be honest I think mine is better)


The only thing I dislike about the fabric is the lack of recovery – there is no elastane in the knit at all.  I find that after a day of wear the dress ‘grows’ in length even with the elastic waistline as support.  Care is also required when washing/storing as hangers make marks on the shoulder.

Overall the dress is a success – fun and easy to wear…its a win.


I am finding the #makenine a great way to stay motivated and on track with my sewing project.   I tend to ‘squirrel’ on sewing projects bouncing between new shiny things with no real goals was usually results in additions to the fabric stash without any real focus.  I am really enjoying the focus on limited my projects to the nine (with a few additions through out the year).

How is the progress on your #makenine?